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The handling of the seeds during debagging operation generates pain when the bags are depalletized and generates dust during the debagging time making difficult working condition. Our depalletizing and debagging unit eliminates these problems.

When the mast and its platform are in a vertical position, a forklift operator places a pallet on it. The operator on the platform then ensures the tilting and leveling of the pallet. With a foot control, as the layers of bags are dismantled, he raises the pallet. The tilting of the mast makes the bags slide effortlessly to him. It only remains for him to adjust the position of the bag on the conveyor placed in front of him. The conveyor transports each bag to the inlet of the debagger. The bags enter by passing a curtain to be immediately opened. phytosanitary dust are confined during the opening and the dust treatment circuit suckes them The seeds fall downwards and are collected in one or more containers or even on a conveyor


  • Rate between 500 and 1000 bags/hour
  • Optimized for seeds but accepts all types of granules.
  • Elimination of retention points