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This guillotine allows pieces of fabric (non-woven polyester) to be cut to length from a spool. The profile of the cutout may be simple or complex and may include offcuts. Our principle of electric cutting is based on one or more servomotor (s). There is no source of hydraulic energy (no heating, leaks, etc.). This system allows a sustained cadence associated with extremely flexible and precise movements. The advantage of our system lies in the use of a future reduction gear allowing an increasingly high force to act as we approach the cutting block. The repetitiveness of the position of the blade, of the order of a micron, makes it possible to cut without a plastic block and therefore to eliminate any consumable on millions of cuts. The power is very modest in relation to the rate and the powers developed (up to 50T if necessary). Ex: 1kW installed for 10 tonnes at 15 cycles per minute, consumption smoothed to around 300W, a source of savings

The cutting blade is synchronized by means of an automation with 2 servomotors, upstream and downstream during the cut. Upstream the servomotor allows the unwinding of the fabric from the reel, downstream the servomotor allows the evacuation of the blanks on the belt conveyor provided for this purpose. A device for gripping the cutouts at the end of the conveyor can be envisaged on request.

It is difficult to define a typical rate for this guillotine which will depend largely on the movement of the fabric and the cutting force. As an indication, our system is capable of cutting lengths of 600mm in non-woven polyester at a rate of approximately 20 cycles per minute. This is not restrictive and each case will be gladly studied.